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Joint Forces Public School was established in May 2011 and registered with education department Govt. of the Punjab. The aim is to provide high quality education to forthcoming generation with qualities of character, leadership, Intelligent and talented student could join Pak Forces to provide their services.
The aim is impart quality education as well as to produce confident, disciplined and courageous young men possessing a strong character ingredients and qualities of command and leadership. The efforts are specially aimed that spirit of service to the nation as motivated, loyal and martinet. There should not any chance of nepotism.

Students are divided into three houses named on our honourable Pak Forces i.e. Pak Army House, Pak Navy House and Pak Fazaia House. This system means the generation should know about its forces that are scarifying their live to make our future secure.

Study Tours for extracurricular either general knowledge being arranged. Each student may participate at least once a study tour. Such tours are primarily financed by the students and supplemented to a reasonable extent by JFPS.